Welcome to our education/training page, we offer courses, for both children and adults to learn simple to more complex wood, metal and plastic projects. We have more than 20+years combined teaching experience in the public education sector. As we are still part time practising teachers, it means we still keep up to date with modern teaching methods and techniques.

We offer a number of courses for out adult learners, we are also happy to tailor our courses for suit individuals, please ask for details.

  • Basic woodworking skills (2 Day) £250.00
  • Basic metal working skills, welding fabricating (2 Day) £250.00
  • Basic wood turning skills (2 Day) £250.00
  • Basic power tool course (1/2 Day) £150.00-£250.00
  • Intermediate wood turning (5 Day) £750.00
  • Advanced wood turning (5 Day/10 Day) £750.00 – £1500.00
  • Courses tailored to suit your needs. (price dependent on length of course)


We are passionate about Design and Technology, over the last few years we have realised that Key stage 3 students struggle with the transition from Key stage 2 to 3, especially with Design and Technology, being such a practical hands on subject. Primary schools struggle to cover all areas of the National curriculum and often they do not have the resources required to deliver a more in depth approach to this subject. We offer a range of different in services, from in school practical activity days, to after school clubs and resource packs, which can be used in schools. Please use our contact page for more information for the service we offer.


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